Liebrand 12 inches
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    En er is weer een nieuwe compilatie van dit keer Liebrand edits van 12 inches. (Y) Er staat weer een hoop leuks op.

    CD 1

    1. BILL WITHERS - Lovely Day (‘88 remix) (6:32)
    2. CULTURE BEAT - Mr. Vain (Mr. Liebrand) (5:40)
    3. MC MIKER G & DJ SVEN - Holiday Rap (12” remix) (6:25)
    4. FARLEY ‘JACKMASTER’ FUNK - Love Can’t Turn Around (12” remix) (7:22)
    5. FUN FUN
    Happy Station
    (Ben Liebrand rmx incl. drum end) (7:21)
    6. COCK ROBIN - El Norte (reinforced dance mix) (6:58)
    7. CULTURE BEAT - Der Erdbeermund (get into magic mix) (8:09)
    8. NINA HAGEN - New York, New York (12” mix) (7:06)
    9. THE PASADENAS - Love Changes (Ben Liebrand remix - extended version) (6:53)
    10. SPLIFF - Das Blech (12” mix) (5:04)

    CD 2

    1. BEN LIEBRAND - The Eve Of The War (deep space mix) (7:08)
    2. CANDY DULFER - Saxuality
    (12” remix) (6:12) Dutch Saxophone goddess Candy 3. BB&Q BAND - Main Attraction (the finest remix) (6:37)
    4. PIA ZADORA - Dance Out Of My Head(the Ben Liebrand mix) (6:00)
    5. KARL KEATON - Love’s Burn
    (dance mix) (6:28)
    6. BROADS - Sing Sing Sing
    (ballroom big band version) (7:31)
    7. ADVANCE - Take Me To The Top
    8. HIGH FASHION - You Make Me Feel So Good
    (extended remix) (7:33)
    9. BEN LIEBRAND ft. TONY SCOTT - Move To The Big Band (jazzy mix) (5:43)
    10. MDMC - Love Life (transparent mix) (8:28)

    CD 3

    1. LA FLEUR - Boogie Nights (12” remix) (8:00)
    2. FOX THE FOX - Precious Little Diamond (Ben Liebrand 12” mix) (7:29)
    3. ALF - Stuck On Earth (In The Home, Just Kidding)
    (house mix) (7:26)
    4. NOVO BAND - Dance Non Stop (deep funk hip-house mix) (6:00)
    5. BILL WITHERS - Ain’t No Sunshine (the total eclipse mix) (5:42)
    6. CANDY DULFER - Heavenly City (S2S mix) (6:50)
    7. BEN LIEBRAND - Feelin’ Good (12” mix) (5:42)
    8. CEEJAY - He’s So Devine (acid remix) (5:55)
    9. MDMC - How About it (12” remix) (7:20)
    10. DOCTOR’S CAT - Feel The Drive (Ben Liebrand rmx) (12:22)

    CD 4

    1. CERRONE - Supernature (Ben Liebrand old school mix) (12:51)
    2. FORREST - Rock The Boat (special extended version) (10:23)
    3. TLC - Ain’t 2 Proud 2 Beg (Ben Liebrand 12” club mix) (6:18)
    4. CARL LINGER - Super Love (12” remix) (5:37)
    5. STEVE ALLEN - Love Is In The Air (12” remix) (6:32)
    6. JAM & SPOON - Find Me (Odyssey To Anyoona) (Ben Liebrand remix) (8:29)
    7. DANCE 2 TRANCE - Power Of American Natives (12” mix) (5:19)
    8. RAM JAM - Black Betty (Rough n Ready remix) (5:29)
    9. FROON - Bobby Mugabe (Ben Liebrand remix) (7:25)
    10. TEQNOH - Switching All Systems (12” remix) (5:06)


    Working with the first samplers, sequencers and drum machines and syncing the lot by hand. Hooking up stuff with trigger pulses and control voltages, all without midi.
    Just doing the stuff I loved and without having planned or even realizing it, becoming one of the first DJ-Producers. This was back in 1982.
    In 1983 my “In The Mix” show started on Radio Veronica. This first non-stop-mixed show on Dutch National Radio proved to be the inspirational guide for a whole generation of DJ’s. The spin-off of this show, The Minimix, was a test ground for remix techniques and many of the tracks on this compilation started of as such a Minimix.

    I always had a passion for music and a great interest for technology. The word "Nerd" proudly springs to mind. I always tried to improve sound quality to preserve my music in the best way possible using Studer butterfly heads on my first modified Revox B77 and by adding digital recording to the set-up as soon as 1984. Back then I mixed down separate parts of a mix (intro, song, break, outro and other parts) to digital and edited those parts on analogue tape thus forming the final mix.

    For this release I went back to those original digital parts and re-created those edits,joining the parts digitally. Now for the first time I present you these remixes in full original 1st generation digital quality. Enjoy!
    All Remixes, Additonal Production, Instruments, Engineering, Editing & Mastering by Ben Liebrand.

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  • Inderdaad leuk maar ik heb wel het gevoel dat ik erg veel al op andere cd's heb staan.
  • Ja klopt. Maar dan net niet alles of helemaal. Scheelt net een paar maten van een nummer. Ik wil hem toch graag hebben :Y
  • Erg leuk, goeie tip! Eens kijken of ik dit voor me onder de kerstboom kan laten leggen ;)
  • en dan ALF ertussen ! haha geweldig.
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